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Raffles Beijing Hotel

Address: 33 East Chang An Avenue Beijing 100004, China
Tel: (86 10) 6526 3388 / Fax: (86 10) 8500 4380

To Beijing Capital international Airport: 30km / 40 minutes by Taxi / Estimated taxi fare: RMB 100
To Beijing Railway Station: 2km / 8 minutes by Taxi / Estimated taxi fare: RMB 10
To West Railway Station: 9.5km / 20 minutes by Taxi / Estimated taxi fare: RMB 25

Business or Shopping Area
Wangfujing Shopping Area: 0.2km
Xidan Shopping Area: 2.5km
New Silk Alley Market (Xiushui St.): 4.5km
Yansha Friendship Shopping City: 12km
Liulichang Antiques St.: 3km
Finance Street: 4.5km
Beijing CBD Area: 4km
China World Trade Center: 7.5km
Zhongguancun Science Park: 17km
China Central Television: 9.5km

History and national heritage
Forbidden City - Imperial City: 0.7km
Tian'anmen Square: 0.7km
The Lama Temple (Yong He Lamasery): 6km
Temple of Heaven: 4.5km
The Summer Palace: 25km
The Great Wall: 80km

Culture and Theatre
Capital Theatre: 0.6km
Chanan Thetre: 2.5km
National Art Museum: 1km
Chinese National Museum: 0.7km
Military Museum: 9km
World Art Museum: 10km

Exhibition or Convention Centre
Beijing Exhibition Centre: 11km
China International Exhibition Centre: 13km
National Agriculture Exhibition Centre: 9km
Beijing International Convention Center: 15.5km

Worker's Stadium: 7km
Capital Stadium: 12km
National Stadium & Olympic Park: 16.5km

Parks and Leisure
Beihai Park: 3.5km
Beijing Zoo: 11km
Chaoyang Zoo: 11.5km
Houhai Park, Shicha Hai Park (Bar St.): 5km
Sanlitun Bar Street.: 7.5km

Raffles Beijing Hotel Map

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