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Pazhou Complex

Pazhou ComplexChina Export Commodities Fair (CECF) started to use Pazhou Complex in the 95th CECF held in April 2004, and now two sessions of CECF are held simultaneously in both Pazhou Complex and Liuhua Complex every year.

The first stage project of Pazhou Complex covers a ground area of 430,000 square meters with the structural area of 395,000 square meters. With 13 exhibition halls on the first and second floors, Pazhou Complex has an indoor exhibition area of 130,000 square meters and an outdoor exhibition area of 22,000 square meters, being the largest exhibition center in Asia. The Complex has been in operation since the end of 2002.


The total land area of Pazhou Complex is 700000m². For the first phase of the project, a total of 430000m² of land is used. The total construction area is 395000m². Sixteen exhibition halls are built, among which the land area of indoor exhibition halls is 160000m², and that of outdoor exhibition sites is 22000m². It is by now the largest exhibition center in Asia.

There are 13 exhibition halls, which total area is 130,000 square meters. In addition, there is an outdoor exhibition area, which area is 22,000 square meters.

The clear height of the first floor is 13 meters. The clear height of the second floor is 8.89~19 meters. These are enough for exhibition of high commodities such as sailboat.

The five 10,000 square meter exhibition halls on the second floor are designed as non-column exhibition halls.

There are very few columns in each of the eight 10,000 square meter exhibition halls on the first floor.

The load-carrying capacity of the first and the second floor is 5t/m2 and 1.35t/m2 respectively. This is more than enough for exhibition of heavy-duty machines.

The northern and southern sides of each exhibition halls are designed as open gates. These exhibition halls could be used all together or separately according to exhibition’s scale.

Roof and Walls:

The roof adopts large span space truss of pre-stressed sustained steel tube, using 15000 tons of steel. The surface uses frosted stainless steel. The external walls in the east, west and north are glass walls. With a total area of 58000m², these glass walls give a brilliant and spectacular appearance.

Design Principle:

The main design principle of Pazhou Complex is to extend the image of "flowing" of Pearl River. The wave like rooftop just likes the river flowing by. It integrates with surrounding environment elegantly. This design principle is unparalleled in all of the exhibition centers in the world.

Photos of Pazhou Complex

Pazhou Complex
Pazhou Complex
Pazhou Complex
Pazhou Complex
Pazhou Complex
Pazhou Complex

Location of Pazhou Complex:
According to the development planning of Pazhou, this area is expected to become a “sub-center concentrating on convention and exhibition industry”. With hotels, office buildings, government departments, traffic networks and other facilities on construction, Pazhou will become an international exhibition zone in the future.

  • To New Baiyun Airport: 60km and about 80 minutes by taxi (Taxi Fee: CNY250.0)
  • To Liuhua Complex: 8km and about 25 minutes by taxi

    The traffic condition of Pazhou is very convenient. There is a road network consisting of Huanan Express Highway, East Circular Expressway, and Xingang East Road; a subway network consisting of No.2 Subway and No.4 Subway, which is on planning, and a unique waterway transportation network utilizing the advantage of Pearl River. With the total area of roads reaching 2.5 square kilometers, this 10.5-square-kilometer small island has the highest road density in China. At present, there are bus stops for buses No. 137, No. 203, No. 206 Swift Line, No. 229 and No. 262, etc.

    Pazhou Complex map and location