Qingdao Hotels Booking Center
  • Qingdao Huiquan Dynasty Hotel - 5 star
    Qingdao Huiquan Dynasty Hotel is situated right in the centre of Qingdao and located in the beautiful Huiquan Day, it's adjacent to the No.1 beach and Badaguan scenic area. To Qingdao Airport: 40km, To Qingdao Railway Station: 8km
  • Oceanwide Elite Hotel Qingdao - 4 star
    Oceanwide Elite Hotel Qingdao is located in the famous Qingdao Zhanqiao Pier scenic spot, face famous spots such as Zhanqiao Pier, small Qingdao, ocean in the south, carry on the back by old municipal government building. To Qingdao Airport: 35km, To Qingdao Railway Station: 6.5km