China Travel Tips

  • Visa
  • Foreign Embassies
  • Area Code and Post Code
  • Climate and clothing
  • Currency
  • Customs regulations
  • Complaint
  • Electricity
  • Public holidays
  • Policy & law
  • Time difference
  • Telephones and postal services
  • Rescue
  • Quarantine
  • China map
  • Hot line

  • Yangtze River Introduction

    chian travel tipsChina is a huge tourist and business destination. As both play two of the largest roles in the Chinese economy, every effort has been made to make every guest to this country comfortable and safe. Do not take the following tips as warnings, only advice, remember being a knowledgeable traveler is a big step to a successful vacation. Some of the rules and regulations implemented in China are found nowhere else in the world so it's a good idea to become acquainted with them before you step off the plane.

    China is often a place of mystery for the westerner especially so as it’s culture is so unique. One good thing is that Chinese people are friendly and travel relatively easy. The main problem that is encountered particularly outside the major metropolitan areas is that people speaking any language other than Chinese are difficult to find. But that can be part of the fun. Travel is not difficult and even getting to the most remote parts of China can be accomplished either by plane or train.