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Guilin travel

Guilin is a key tourist city of well-known culture and history in China and it is one of the well-known and first chosen tourist resorts. As the saying goes, "Guilin’s scenery bests all others in the world." Chinese frequently refer to it as the world's most beautiful scenery. To many foreigners, the scenery of Guilin typifies what we imagine China looks like. Traditional Chinese painting often features exotic and imaginary scenes of mountains and rivers. But as many visitors to China exclaim, the scenery at Guilin looks just like a traditional Chinese painting. Perhaps many of those painting scenes were not imaginary after all.

Guilin is located 109°E longitude and 24°N latitude in the northeast of Guangxi. Total area 2.780,000 square kilometers, city area 565 square kilometers. It is in a basin surrounded by the Yuecheng Range, Ocean Hill, Jiaqiao Range and Tianping Hill. Guilin is located almost due west of Hong Kong and about 1 hour by air. The Li River meanders through Guilin from north to south. Most of Guilin lies on the western bank of the Li River.

Population and nationality
Guilin existing total population 4.76 million people, urban population 620,000 people. Is regions that are inhabited by many nationalities, occupies has strongly, precious, returns to, the seedling, Dong and so on several dozens nationalities, altogether has the national minority 680,000 people. The Han Nationality population are most, accounts for the population total 85.22%.

Natural condition
Topographical condition: Guilin is situated at the Nanling mountain system the north west, the average elevation 150 meters, are the model "the karst" the karst landform, proliferates the whole city the limestone after 100.01 million years decency erosion, formed thousand peaks links to set up, Shui Baocheng, the hole wonderful Shi Mei unique landscape, by the common people fine reputation was "the Guilin scenery armor world".

The Guilin traveling resources quantity many, the scenic area is broad, the region combines, the entire Guilin tourist area to all around radiates take Guilin as the core, assumes the circle level distribution, the surrounding area area amounts to more than 20,000 square kilometers. According to the scenic area characteristic, may divide approximately is six big scenic areas: Namely Guilin - Lijiang River - Yangshuo scenery scenic area, Xingan spirit ditch scenic area, cat mountain mountain scenic area, Long Shenghua level ground virgin forest scenic area, sea - noble silver almond grove scenic area, blue lion deep pool reservoir scenic area.

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4 Most famous Guilin Attractions

Li RiverLi River
It was listed as the first" National Key Places of Interests"

Yulong River YangshuoYulong River Yangshuo
Yulong River is the most beautiful branch of the Li River

Yangshuo often referred to as 'Heaven on Earth'

Jinkeng - Dazhai Terraces Jinkeng - Dazhai Terraces
As unrivalled in the world and one of the best 20 scenic in Guangxi