Guilin Local Food & Restaurant Guide

Guilin Rice Noodles (Mi Fen)

Guilin is famous for its exotic dishes and the sight of dogs, birds, turtles, snakes and other weird and wonderful animals in their cages is not unusual here! .

Don't be afraid though, if you are not feeling especially brave, there are plenty of tasty options for those who prefer their food to be dead before it arrives at the table!.

Guilin cuisine is also typified by its sweetness and delicate use of spice and chili. Bamboo leaves stuffed with sweet rice are a great Guilin snack available all over the city and also in some of the restaurants.

The famous local snacks in Guilin is Guilin Rice Noodles (Mi Fen). They can be can be either round or flat. Guilin Rice Noodles are the most popular snack for local residents. The rice noodles with voluptuous gravy, fried peanuts or soybeans, scallions and thin slides of different kinds of meat such as beef, horse meat, pork. You can also add some spice and chili in the rice noodles.