Guilin History

The Guilin history is glorious. Urban district valuable product Shan Hezeng skin crag cavern discovery many kinds of distances now approximately 10,000 year ago human relic. 214 B.C., Chin Shihhuang opens cutting the spirit ditch to link up the Hunan department, sets at Guilin, the elephant county, South China Sea three county, this is "Guilin" the name origins most early, but the county does not govern in today Guilin. 2,000 for many years, Guilin has become the county, the state, the government office, county seat's locus successively. In 1940 the beginning supposed Guilin, once for a long time for Guangxi provincial government. After the liberation, Guilin is the municipality. On September 8, 1998, authorized by the State Council, Guilin and the Guilin area merge, the group completed new Guilin.