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Longsheng Introductaion

longsheng travelLongsheng country is locates between 10932' - 10014' north latitude and 2535' - 2617' east longitude, in the northeastern part of Guangxi China, and 110 km away from Guilin.

Longsheng is a mountainous county famous for its Dragon's Backbone rice terraces Field - Longji terraces, Hot spring, colorful mixture of Dong, Zhuang, Yao and Miao ethnic groups, Village, and rich local specialties, For exmple Longji tea, peppers, watery wine, glutinous rice, soapstone wares, bamboo wares.

Its population: 167,000, area: 2,442 sq km

Longsheng Scenery and Folkways

The national customs of the Longsheng are rich and colorful from the pole Dancing of the Zhuang to Harmony Folk Songs of the Dong. The Reed-Pipe Dancing, Bride Carrying water and Long Drum Dancing of the yao to the stick of lncense Dancing of Miao,. They all have their own distinctive national Characteristics, The colorful customs and folk songs are pleasing to both the eyes and mind. The fragrant Pearl Oil Tea Of the Miao and the mellow Dragons Backbone Wine of the Zhuang, the Alid Banquet of the Dong and Bamboo Rice of the Yao possess their own ethnic flavors as well as these Fascinating Customs and traditions,. There are many buildings of different styles, the ingenious Drum Tower, the wind Rain Bridge of the Dong and the Dras Jiac Tower of the Zhuang, if you come here, you will certainly be treated cordially by the hospitable nationalities.

Longsheng Attractions

Terraced Fields
There are about 66 square kilometers terraced fields in southeast of Longsheng, 22.5 km. from the town seat, of which the terraced fields in Heping county show a picture of great momentum and imposing beauty, being reputed as "unrivalled in the world" and made one of the best 20 scenic spots in Guangxi.

They were built over 300 years from the late 1200s to the early 1600s, during the Yuan and Qing Dynasty's, and are still actively maintained and farmed today.The terrace fields are absolutely incredible. You can spend all day walking through the villages, stopping in by the school, and hiking through the fields. Pigs, chickens, horses, and people are all moving and walking around you because they actually have things to do, unlike us who just walk around and take pictures. The people here work hard and are really buff from it. We saw these old women stacking and tieing up long beams of wood with bamboo. They were cut, muscular old women. It was fun to watch them work, but made us all feel like pansies.

Longji Terraces - Dragon's Backbone Rice terraces
Dazai Terraces - Jinkeng Terraces

Four different ethnic minorities
As well as amazing scenery, Longsheng is also the area to visit for culture. Since it is home to four different ethnic minorities, you have the opportunity to see firsthand the rich variety of customs in this district. The most visible cultural differences are perhaps the costumes worn by the local women. In Dazhai, see the embroidered pink costumes, the heavy, silver earrings, and the extremely long hair of the Yao women. In Ping'an, you will notice the Zhuang women wearing white shirts, black pants, and brightly coloured towels on their heads. As you look out at the vast mountain panoramas, it is a real spectacle to see women dressed in such finery working the fields.

Hot Spring Longsheng

The hot spring is a tacky tourist highlight. The area is reminiscent of Banaue in northern Luzon, Philippines. It is possible to desert the bus around 6km to 7km from the hot spring and take off into the hills for some exploring.

Protected Natural Reserves
The three protected natural reserves (Huaping, Peng Zu Ping and Xijiang Ping ) have forest and luxuriant vegetation and are known as “Plants Treasure House”. The ‘Live Fossil” Cathaya Argyropghylla grows in Huaping forest area.

  • Longji Terraces Longsheng - Dragon’s Backbone rice Terraces
  • Longji Terraces Longsheng - Dragon’s Backbone rice Terraces
  • Longji Terraces Longsheng - Dragon’s Backbone rice Terraces
  • Jinkeng Rice Terraces - Dazhai Rice Terraces
  • Jinkeng Rice Terraces - Dazhai Rice Terraces
  • Jinkeng Rice Terraces - Dazhai Rice Terraces