Shanghai Travel Guide

Shanghai travelShanghai, also named "Hu" or "Shen" in short, is situated at 31"14' north latitude and 121"29' east longitude, and in the middle of China's east coastline. It occupies a total area of 6, (of which Pudong new Area occupies, with a total resident population of 16,000,000. It has a pleasant climate, with four distinct seasons. The average temperature is around 18oC and the annual precipitation is 1,240mm.

Shanghai, an open city on the coast and a famous historical and cultural city, is a gate to the Yangtze River delta. It is a municipality under the direct jurisdiction of the Central Government, the largest economic and trade center, a comprehensive industrial base and the leading port in China. Shanghai began as a fishing village in the 11th century, but by the mid-18th century it was an important area for growing cotton and by the 1800s it was becoming the largest city in China. Shanghai was the largest and most prosperous city in the Far East during the 1930s, and remained the most developed city in Communist China. In the 1990s Shanghai again became an attractive spot for tourists worldwide.

The scenic spots in Shanghai are really too many for the eye to take in. Built in different periods of time and in various architectural styles of the world, the grand complex of high-rise buildings on the either bank of the Huangpu River is reputed as "the International Fair of World Architecture". On the eastern bank of the river, there are rows upon rows of high-rise structure dominating the skyline, including the Oriental TV Tower and the 88-storey Jinmao Building. Standing on the observation deck, you will soon have a superb panorama view of Shanghai's spectacular development over the previous years. At the core part of this world-famous metropolis, there are many attractive scenic spots, such as the People's Square, the Shanghai Museum, the Municipal Exhibition Hall of Shanghai Urban Construction and Shanghai Grand Theatre.

"To taste delicious foods in Shanghai" -- Shanghai really live up to this reputation. There are a good number of restaurants noted for their authentic cuisines in various styles. And there are also a lot of local delicacies. In a word, Shanghai deserves to be called“the Gourmet's Paradise”.

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4 Most famous Shanghai Attractions

The BundThe Bund
The Bund is the “name card” of Shangha.

Shanghai MuseumShanghai Museum
Shanghai Museum is one of the best museum in China

Yu Yuan Garden Yu Yuan Garden
A famous classical garden of china with 400 years history

Oriental Pearl Tv TowerOriental Pearl Tv Tower
The highest TV Tower in Asia ,the third highest one in the world.