Banpo Museum Xian

Banpo Museum XianThe Banpo Museum is located in the eastern outskirt of Xian City, Shaanxi Province. As the first museum at the prehistoric site, 9 kilometers from the center of the city. It was built at the base of the excavations of the Banpo site. it opened to the public formally in 1958

The Banpo Site is a typical Neolithic matriarchal community of the Yangshao Culture dating back about 6,000 years. At that time, the Banpo people used tools made primarily of wood and stone. Women, the crucial labor force, were responsible for making pottery, spinning, and raising the family, while men fished.

The approximately 4,500 square meters (about 1 acre) exhibit area of Banpo Museum is divided into two Exhibition Halls and a Site Hall. By means of scientific excavation ,archaeologists have discovered nearly 10,000 production tools or daily utensils , 46houses ,2 pigsties ,200 cellars ,174burial pits for adults and 73burial jars for children .The discovery of so many artifacts is indeed unprecedented.Yangshao Culture

The first Exhibition Hall is about the unearthed relic exhibitions consisting of the First Hall and the Second Hall. The showpieces in this two halls are primarily production tools and domestic tools used by the primitive Banpo people, including axes, chisels, sickles, and stone and pottery knives from which we can have a general picture of the production activities of the Banpo people thousands of years ago. In addition, artwork and adornments here reflect the social life, culture, art and inventions of the period.

Admission Fee: RBM20
Opening Hours: 08:30 to 17:00
Recommended Time for a Visit: Four hours
Bus Route: No.11, No. 105

  • The Banpo Museum Xian
  • The Banpo Museum Xian
  • The Banpo Museum Xian