Xian Food and Local Snacks

Yang Rou Pao Mo Xian The cooking culture of Xi'an is permeated with the strong northwest conditions and customs; it is a great pleasure of visiting Xi'an to taste the local delicacies of Xi'an. Taste the snack in Xi'an except that can be in the door, evening market of the new street of the east slightly in the south, can also go snack street behind the drum-tower, street both sides antique building in the style of the ancients, various famous Xi'an snack are fill with everything.

Baked Bun Soaked in Mutton Soup - Yang Rou Pao Mo
Baked Bun Soaked in Mutton Soup is the most famous folk food of Xian. The chinese name is Yang Rou Pao Mo. There is a particular way of eating the Baked Bun Soaked in Mutton Soup.When the customers are served, the restaurateur will first offer the kind of hard dried pancake and the customers will break the pancake into small pieces, then give it back to the restaurateur for cooking the shredded pancake with mutton in delicious soup. The finished dish is steaming hot with an unusually sweet smell.

It makes for a hearty, filling meal that is not very expensive. This Xi'an specialty can be found at several restaurants that have become famous for their delicious Yang Rou Pao Mo, as well as a small "mom and pop" restaurants throughout Xi'an. Xiguan Beef and Lamb Paomo Restaurant, Tongshengxiang Beef and Lamb Paomo Restaurant, and Chunfasheng Paomo Restaurant are all good places to go for this tasty meal.Yang Rou Pao Mo Xian

Yet another incredibly tasty variety of Chinese snack! These buns are actually a kind of dumpling that gets its name because of the juices that collect inside the bun when steamed. The bun's wrapper is thicker than most dumplings, but thinner than other steamed buns. With over ten types of seasoning, they are really quite delicious. With a little bit of vinegar, they can make for a very satisfying meal!

Xian Lao Sun's Restaurant is located at No.78, Dong Guan Zheng Street.

Tong Sheng Xiang Soaked Bun Shop is situated at No.33, West Boulevard.

Jiaozi (Dumpling) Feast
Jiaozi (Dumpling)Jiaozi (Dumpling) Feast is a kind of newly created well-known feast of local flavor on the basis of the traditional dumpling recipe. Jiaozi feast is made of the selected fine ingredients, inviting and unconventional in appearance with a great variety of fillings, which tastes delicately sweet and rich in nutrition. It is indeed a mixed combination of good-looking, good smelling and delicate good taste. Now Jiaozi feast has 180 varieties. There are several dozens of feasts, such as " Court Dumpling Feast", "Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea", "Dragon and Phoenix Feast" each of which has its own shape and a hundred dumplings have a hundred different tastes.

Xian jiaozi Feast Restaurant is located at No. 229 Jie Fang Road.

De Fa Zhang Jiaozi Shop is located at the North of Zhong Gu (Clock & Drum) Tower.

Lao Tong's Cured Mutton
Cured mutton is a well-known snack in Xian City. The cured mutton is prepared with selected meat stuff, the cooking artistic means and the subsidiary seasoning materials, and so, the cured mutton is ready. The mutton stewed in soy sauce looks bright and lustrous, tastes crisp and delicious. It is the right thing to go with wine and also an excellent specialty to give relatives and friends as gift.

The Chang'an Gourd Chicken
The Gourd Chicken is one of Xian's traditional local flavor, the characteristics of which lie in its golden rich color, crisp skin, tender meat, good smell and soft and thorough cooking. Just give it a little touch with chopsticks and the meat is separated from the bones. It is rich in protein and with saturated fatty acid necessary for the human body.

Xian Hotel is located at No.298 East Boulevard.

The Qianxian county is located northwest of Xi'an City. Wu Zetian and Emperor Gao Zong were buried on the Liangshan Moutain in this particular county. Qianxian county is well known to native of Shaanxi for its delicious snack, namely Guokui.

It is a kind of pancake and looks like a pan cover. There is a story about this local snack. As far back as the Tang Dynasty when Qianling Mausoleum was under construction, official supervisors worked out a tight schedule and even set limitations on mealtime in order to meet the deadline. So whoever was late for work would be reproached, punished or even killed. In this case, a soldier found a new way to prepare food. He put a mass of dough into his helmet and toasted it over a fire. The well-baked dough was dry, crisp and tasteful. When he was hungry, he just took several bites at it. Later, other soldiers and workmen followed suit one after another.

This special food was known as guokui or helmet cake, for it was initially baked in a helmet but not on a pan. The dough used to make goukui must be prepared in a limited amount of water and then kneaded repeatedly with a thick wooden stick. Guokui, in fact, can be stored for a very long time because it contains very little water or moisture content. It is a favorite take-away food among rural people in central Shaanxi Province.

Xian Huis(Muslim) Foodstuff Street
The street is situated at the north of Middle Section of West Street at Da Mai Market Street. It is a place of the Huis (Muslim) exquisite food and drink with a long history, a great variety of foodstuff of various descriptions and strong national flavor in the ancient Xian city.

Otheres Xian Local Snacks
Xingping distiller grains : Select the high-quality polished glutinous rice for use, admix Qumu of Especial after sifting, choosing, chasing, steaming, stored one and fermented with certain temperature, the characteristic was: The clear rice of wine is on, sweet sweet-smelling, eat the warm stomach in winter, the food moistens the lung in summer, help digest, promote the appetite. Adopt tin preparation method, refine and offer the poor juice in being precise from wine with dregs, make distiller grains tin, it is a good merchantable brand which presents the good friend. The Jia's and the Zhao s' distiller grains history is long, known far and wide.

Calabash head: Started in the Tang Dynasty, strong flavor alcohol, fresh and fragrant and lubricous and tender, it is the fertile but the oiliness, always it is the young all. 'Happen in spring it is most famous to steep the steamed bun hall. General 5 Yuan / bowl, Calabash head of high-qualities are from nine to more than ten yuan. The steamed bun is calculated separately, half 1yuan for one. It is 2enough for common people.

The sub fish of milk slaughterhouse: It is the main material with the Yellow River carp, use chickens, the duck, the elbow, the sparerib is stewed into white decoction, formulate, put the copper hot pot into, cook, boil with Xifeng mat, insert fish lump dip in vinegar juice of gingers eat. The fish is delicate, the decoction is delicious.

Chrysanthemum pan: With the fish, fresh pork, chicken breast, chrysanthemum one, fresh soup enters the hot pot, tender and delicious, have fragrance of flowers concurrently.

The thick wine in Huanggui: Call anciently "Li of wine with dregs", Call "jade thick liquid "too. The hobby very to the thick wine of men of literature and writing of the Tang Dynasty, LuXun, and GuoMoruo appreciates to this wine very much too. Thick wine juice thick, the silk floss is sweet and agreeable to the taste, invigorate the stomach, promote blood circulation, and quench the thirst, the function of moistening the lung.

Cured donkey's meat: It is begin with Xianfeng, Tongzhi year. It is Cold drinks and snacks treasure, go well with wine delicacy. Making craft complicated, undergo 3 seasons of autumn and winter of summer, are shone, press, boil and salt it down. Cured money meat is top grade.

Fork mountain vermicelli: Select the special powder of high-quality wheat for use, through rubbing one, rub one with the hands, ten dishes of processes of having rascals etc. was refined. The noodles are thin in vain, boil proof flavor is fragrant, take and exist, and it is convenient to eat. One of the famous products in clear mere thread period is the place for paying tribute to the imperial family. Ones that had participated in San Francisco of U.S.A.and hold in 1931"world exposition". It is with a long standing reputation. Have already formed more than ten processing bases that relatively concentrates.

Qishan mountain smell of urine son: Started in Zhou dynasty according to legend, it was a folk and traditional wheaten food good merchantable brand. Use the pork while making ' smell of urine Add the bean curd, Huang Hua, the Auricular, the bottom dishes of the kelp and delicious flavor, float dish, cook soup water surface.

Qishan mountain Flour skin: Cold drinks and snacks made of precise powder, should use in four seasons. In the period of Qing kangxi year once the food of the imperial household of imperial palace according to legend, have another name called "the powder of Beijing eat by emperor". The craft is exquisite that the flour skin of made, it is quite good to flavour, famous with "smooth thin white, soft, strength and fragrant"

Qishan mountain helmets: Similar to the pot cover, the thin flesh of skin is thick, the color is yellowish-white, strengthen the oil, condiments such as the sesame, it is crisp, the oil is fragrant, delicious.

Steep the oil cake: developed by the Tang Dynasty "see that disappeared Develop". Rise of the cake, bubbles are fluffy, its flavor is fragrant, and the entry disappears promptly. The form is exquisitely carved, the flower like making insulting skillfully.

The oil tower of the money: Call too "multi-layer steamed bread". Similar to wisps of gold silks to twine, one storey of tower buildings is folded. The soft silk floss is moist, fresh and cool favourable mouth, making is meticulous.

Crystal cake: Produced in under Song Dynasty first, Yuan Dynasty had been already marketing in Xi'an and Beijing, large cities and towns such as Tianjin, etc... It is obtained the title of the high-quality and famous-brand products in 1983.

Xian Local Famous retaurants

Name Address telephone
Snack of Chinese City South Street No 113. 7265635
Xi'an Fan cured butcher's meat shop Zhuba city 7273917
Shihui groups of Sichuan hot pot city west street 7286857
The west imprison beef and mutton steep steamed bun hall the west Guanzheng street 8626308
Station snack counter liberate way 7277868
Liangji sweet food shop north street 7276838
Dawn beef and mutton steep steamed bun hall east street 7264034
Spring steep steamed bun hall south gates 7272680
Textile city of sweet food shop textile city 3510351
Lightly fried dumpling hall West street 7277465
Laoguan house sweet food check and calculate shop west street 7273638
Hepingmen snack check and calculate shop wild goose tower 7805379
Yongxin dumpling hall north street 7310948
On the sunny side sweet food shop liberate way 7274704
New urban individual operation earth pot have a dinner party hall the east eight 7273069
Beauty tea house South Street 1 No. 7276506
Xi'an three food company rosefinch door the Five Mountains 7258058
Jiasan steamed dumpling the home shop north gate west sheep city No 121 7279114