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Yangtze Cruises Guide

ToursChina is the professional operator of Yangtze River Cruises with owest price. We offer you 36 deluxe Yangtze Cruises Ships on the Yangtze River with detailed description, including ship information, pirce, Sailing Schedule date, Itinerary, Pictures, Deck Plan and Guest's Reviews.

Yangtze River Cruises

Recommended Yangtze Cruises

Victoria Anna CruiseVictoria Anna Cruise (5 Star) USD499 Up, American cruise line on the Yangtze River

East king & East Queen CruisesEast king & East Queen (5 Star) USD410 Up
Two five-star deluxe cruisers

China Regal CruisesChina Regal Cruises (5 Star) USD295 Up
The first Yangtze cruises

President No. 1 CruisePresident No. 1 Cruise (5 Star) USD310 Up, Set up by the China International Travel Service

Yangtze Cruises Index

Victoria Serial Cruises have seven 5 star ships, It is only American cruise line on the Yangtze River and the leader in Yangtze cruising

· Victoria Anna(5 Star) USD499 Up · Victoria Katarina(5 Star) USD499 Up
· Victoria Empress(5 Star) USD470 Up · Victoria Queen(5 Star) USD470 Up
· Victoria Star(5 Star) USD470 Up · Victoria Rose(5 Star) USD360 Up
· Victoria Prince(5 Star) USD750 Up  

China Regal Cruises is the first Yangtze cruises to gain the coveted 5-Star designation from the Chinese National Tourism Bureau, and remains the ONLY western managed cruise company to have the 5-Star designation for all ships in its fleet. "Best Cruise Company 2002" award. its affiliated 3 sister ships.

· Princess Jeannie, Princess Elaine and Princess Sheena (5 Star) USD295 Up

President Series are the fleet set up by the China International Travel Service and Yangtze Cruises Co ,Ltd, The Cruises consist of 8 luxury ships. Most of the guest rooms have private balcony.

· President No. 1 (5 Star) USD310 Up · Splendid China (5 Star) USD280 Up
· Snow Mountain (4 Star) USD265 Up · Yellow Crane (4 Star) USD360 Up
· Yangtze (4 Star) USD265Up · Yangtze Paradise (4 Star) USD260 Up
· Princess Sissi (4 Star) USD260 Up  

Orient Royal Cruise-East King and East-Queen are only two five-star deluxe cruisers awarded by National Tourism Administration in year 1997 for Yangtze River. Chosen by business and political leader like Bill Gates and Kissinger.
· East king & East Queen (5 Star) USD410 Up

Dragon Cruises
Dragon Cruises

China Dragon Cruises has four ships. The company has been approved by ISM (Rules&Regulations on safe operation and pollution management of watercrafts in P.R.China) and awarded the DOC certificate.

· Emperor (4 Star) USD350 Up · Pinghu Serenity (4 Star) USD300 Up
· Dragon (4 Star) USD350 Up · Three Kingdoms (4 Star) USD300 Up

Blue Whale Cruises
5 star, USD350 Up
Century Star Cruises
5 star, USD365 Up
Sunshine China Cruises
5 star, USD400 Up
Yangtze Angel Cruises
5 star, USD380 Up
CH. Victoria Cruises
4 star, USD280 Up
Oriental Emperor Cruises
4 star, USD280 Up
Yangtze Princess Cruise
4 star, USD350 Up
Yangtze Star Cruises
4 star, USD280 Up
Yangtze Pearl Cruises
4 star, USD350 Up
Galaxy Cruises
4 star, USD280 Up