President Cruises Series Introduction

President Cruises

President Series are the fleet set up by the China International Travel Service and Yangtze Cruises Co ,Ltd, The Cruises consist of 8 luxury ships. Most of the guest rooms have private balcony.

President Cruises have already had the certificates approved by China Certification Society and the national SMS system: President No. 1, President No. 2 "Yellow Crane", President No.3 "Splendid China", President No.4 "Yangtze River", President No.5 "Snow Mountain", President No.6 "Yangtze Paradise", President No.7 "Zhaojun", President NO.8 "Princess Sissie".

- Super scale and luxury cruise fleet on Yangtze River
- Sail along the mainstream route of Yangtze River "Yichang-Chongqing"
- Most of the guest rooms have private observation balcony.
- Super luxury cruise atmosphere, over 80% reception rates of foreign tourists.
- Anchor at cultural, natural and modern places of interest.
- Guarantee of series tour groups all the year round, as well as stable sailing schedule.

President No. 1 President No. 1 (5 Star) USD310 Up
President No. 3 - Splendid China President No. 3 - Splendid China (5 Star) USD280 Up
President No. 2 - Yellow Crane President No. 2 - Yellow Crane (4 Star) USD360 Up
President No. 4 - Yangtze President No. 4 - Yangtze (4 Star) USD265Up
President No. 5 - Snow Mountain President No. 5 - Snow Mountain (4 Star) USD265 Up
President No.6 - Yangtze Paradise President No.6 - Yangtze Paradise (4 Star) USD260 Up
President No. 8 - Princess Sissie President No. 8 - Princess Sissie (4 Star) USD260 Up

President Cruises provide splendid shore excursions and amusement activities on board. In the spacious and bright dining hall you can have delicious dishes. Observation hall, sun deck, music bar and the dancing hall are the places for you to have a leisure time, especially the walking deck and the sun deck on top can make you feel the grand, strange, danger and beauty of the Three Gorges. .

There are also clinics, beauty salon, gymnasium, sauna salon, shopping center, international and internet communication facilities on board.

"President Series" Cruises not only have all kinds of conference rooms to have conferences. Besides, there are also advanced facilities for conferences and the crew can provide conference service for you.

" President Series" Cruises are having brand-new appearances and the crew will welcome you with a warm hospitality.