Shennong Stream

Shennong stream

Shennong stream is located the northern bank of river in Badong country Hubei Province. It exends 60 kilometers from north to south, zigzagging mountains, gater to Yangzte River at Xixiang gate of Badong. Shennong Stream is a tributary of the Yangtze River, rises in the southern part of Shennongjia Natural Reserve. It joins the Yangtze at Xirangkou in Hubei's Badong County. With crystal clear steam flows swiftly from north to south through deep gorges, a sampan tour will allow you to experience a speedy adventure along this newly opened unspoiled river.

Originating at Shennongjia in Hubei Province, Shennong Stream enters the Yangtze River at the eastern mouth of the Wu Gorge. A section about 20 kilometers between Yinwu Gorge and Longchuan Gorge is for drifting. The landscape on both banks of the river is unique and tranquil, and the water is clear. The crystal clear steam flows from north to south through deep gorges and finally it merges with the Yangtze at the east of the mouth of Wu Gorge. Drifting fast in speed by taking a small hand-rowing boat at a fast rate of speed, you will find it a thrilling and an exciting experience.Shennong stream

The section of the river earmarked for this game is twenty kilometers long and passes along the Mianzhuxia, Yingwuxia and Longchangxia. An arrow-like sampan glides past the four-kilometer-long Mianzhu Gorge and then enters the main stream of the Shennong. The boat glides over the cobble-strewn riverbed with its bottom often banging against the stones. It is not without risk yet exhilarating. It is thrilling to battle with the nature.

Now Shennong Stream is one of the most important shore Excursion of Yangtze cruises.